Note from our Founder

Lisa Starner

Lisa Starner

Welcome to FAVVES!

Many times I am asked about which restaurant is my favorite, what makeup I use or where I go for professional services such as a dry cleaner. I wondered how many others have their favorites? What are their “go to” products and places? On line you will find “like” on just about every site…but which posts are favorites? At times I wonder if reviews are paid for...who is the reviewer?

I am excited to launch a site where people we know and admire can share their favorites and reviews. There is also a section to add a wish list. If you ever wondered what to give someone as a gift, FAVVES is the answer. Add a wish list...or share your wish list with another person.

Please post anything that is a, wine, hotel, dentist, hairdresser, cleaning product, designer, TV show...anything! I look forward to seeing what your favorites are. I hope you enjoy using this site as much as I did creating it.